Get Renewables

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy is energy from essentially inexhaustible sources, including energy from the Sun, waves, tides, wood, multi fuels, wind, heat from the Earth and energy from running rivers. We are rapidly using up the world’s coal, gas and oil supplies. Sources such as the wind and the Sun, however, are not diminshed when we make use of them.

In addition to providing us with an unlimited source of energy, renewable energy sources have various other advantages compared to fossil fuels.

Renewable energy pollutes less: using renewable energy helps to reduce our air pollution and particularly carbon dioxide emissions. This helps to alleviate climate change. Less dependence on imports and more localised production: localising energy production also helps to give communities a greater sense of ownership over this resource. This can lead to profits from energy sales staying in the local community.

How does energy use relate to you?

You can make a decision to lessen the impact you have on the Earth by changing your energy use, perhaps by using a wood or log burner. The first step is to use energy more efficiently by not wasting energy and making use of energy efficient products. Click here to find out more about how to save energy.

Once you have made these changes you can reduce your environmental impact further by making use of renewable energy.